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Horsham Park

Horsham Park had an agricultural beginning and was the property of the Hurst family until the mid 20th Century when it was acquired by Horsham District Council. It was then known as the ‘Pleasure Grounds’ and the Council added new facilities including a putting green, a swimming pool and tennis courts. The park has been documented to have been used for huge parties and celebrations as well as sports such as bowling, archery and football matches.

The attractive 60 acre parkland boasts an impressive number of veteran trees and planted areas of shrubs. Along with these, it offers a wide variety of leisure activities to visitors, ranging from formal sporting areas and family leisure facilities to gardens and wildlife zones around the pond.

The park is an extremely popular recreational area, and in recent years has received many awards for its upkeep and management including the South East in Bloom ‘Best Park’ Award and West Sussex County Times ‘Best Place’ Award

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