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World Record Attempts

In 2009 Kidz Stuff broke the World Record for the LARGEST CUSTARD PIE FIGHT when 251 of children created 1 minute of mayhem and destroyed 1200 Custard Pies...on each other.   News of the success was on websites and in newspapers on every continent within 24 hours !!   

We are looking to follow up this success with trying to break a World Record on each of the three days of Kidz Stuff this year.

Every day we will attempt to set a new record for The Most People Dressed as Story Book Characters .....adults included !    Just come along to the Festival dressed as your Favourite Character ...maybe Alice, Harry Potter, Little Red Riding Hood or Dracula.... and you will be rewarded with a voucher for a FREE CINEMA TICKET from the Capitol Theatre Horsham valid until the end of July. ( supplementary charges for 3D movies will apply)....... we will then ask you to Register at some convenient time ( the Registration is required for the validation of the attempt) and then, at approx 4pm each day, we will get you all into the Record Breaking Arena, photograph the gathering and count how many people we have.    

Each day the Show will end with a Record Breaking Fight attempt. On Friday we will try to break the record for the World's Largest Bun Fight; on Saturday, the World's Largest Wet Sponge Fight and on Sunday, the World's Largest Gunge Fight.  Each fight will be limited to a maximum of 300 participants. Registration for the fights will take place on the day in our World Record Marquee.  On Saturday and Sunday there will be a Supplementary Charge to enter the fight of £3 to include a Poncho ( to protect your clothes) and a Certificate.  

We are also joining in National Family Week's attempt on the Guinness World Record  for the Largest Three Legged Race over Multiple Locations. The race will be run over 200 metres at 3pm on Saturday all over the country. Again, Registration to enter the race will take place in the World Record Marquee on the day.
A number of locations across the UK will be joining in and staging a three-legged race at 3pm on Saturday 5 June. Why not join the attempt? All you need is:

A family member or friend
Something to tie your legs together such as a scarf, leg warmer or some ribbon
A feeling for fun and no fear of falling, you can just get up and carry on!
The race will be open to all ages and there is no time limit for completing it so brothers and aunts, grandparents and grandchildren, parents and cousins, all get ready to be tied in to a fun-filled Family Week Sports Day!